8 Unmissable Tips Vital to Affiliate Marketers of All Standards

For all of you who want to begin to get into the world of affiliate / internet marketing, this article will help you a lot more than you can possibly imagine at the moment. Anyway, Without further delay, we’ll get right into it…

1. Affiliate marketing is not an easy method to make cash!
Some people will find it easy to make money online but others will struggle to start off (just like I did). It took me 8 months to make my first dollar online. But the bottom line is that it works and I am living proof. Anyway, perseverance is the key to succeed so never give up!

2. Stick to promoting 2 or 3 products.
Never promote more than three products at a time becasue you will get distracted and you will lose composure and more importantly, you will confuse the potential customer. Instead, pick two or three legitimate products and focus on those only until it is bringing in auto income. After that happens, move on to two or three other products and start promoting those.

3. Take you time to learn the fundamentals.
To be a good seller, you need to master the basic skills such as websites, SEO, promotion etc. Once you know all these things then go out there and put them into practice. Don’t make the same mistake I made which was sitting around and waiting for money to magically start appearing into my accounts.

4. Create unique content.
Whether you focus on building a list, blogging or website content, make sure you always create your own unique content. I would not recommend using other people’s content as you may become liable to Google’s duplicate content web. I’m not saying you will fail if you use other people’s content but to stay on the safe side, stick to creating your own unique content. The only exception is in ezines where you could use other people’s content. Just make sure you remember to include the author’s resource box.

5. Don’t be impatient.
As I mentioned before, it took me 8 months to earn a single dollar online and nearly year before I passed the $100 barrier. But once this happened, the money just kept on rolling in. From my experience, I advise you to constantly put the time and effort in, and I guarantee you will get a lot more out.

6 Spend wisely
Most of the eBooks you will find online is as a result of someone who looked around on the internet, found some free guides and just rewrote all these and chucked them into one pdf file. My point? Most of the information you find in these eBooks are available for free if you are willing to look, so my tip is that you should spend your money on legitimate services (i.e. autoresponder) that you need rather than on information.

7. Keep your job (if applicable)
Do not quit your day job and blindly head into affiliate marketing. Keep your day job and make sure you have something to fall back on. Many see affiliate marketing as an easy way out but as said in tip 1, it is not. So be reasonable and only quit when you are making constant and sustainable income that is enough for you to live off.

8. Have self discipline.
Set yourself tasks to complete each day and targets for the long term. If you keep to these then you will begin to see results soon enough. I guarantee it. It was only when I started setting targets and breaking down tasks into smaller accomplishable targets did I start seeing results.


Why people fail at affiliate marketing and subsequently fail to make money online

Most people assume that making money on the Internet is easy and that will little or no effort, they
will make millions of dollars over night. This is as a result of the sales pages of the trend setting gurus who make affiliate marketing seem like the dream job (which it can be as long as you are willing to put the work in).
Unfortunately, this mindset just opens the door to scam artists who use get-rich schemes as a cover to steal the money of hard -working, but desperate people.

And so after being scammed, the next logical step for a reasonable person is to quit, and so hence adding to the ever growing list of those who fail at affiliate marketing. It is no wonder why only 5% manage to succeed.

I guess one barrier of entry to the affiliate & internet marketing industry is just the mindset towards it because what many people fail to recognize is that affiliate marketing is like any other business out there. You put in the time and the effort, and you will get back money and therefore, financial freedom.
Most people do not see it like this, and think that since they are in front of a computer in their PJ’s instead of a desk in an office, they believe that for some reason, the money will start to pour in with little work. And so in other words, they are expecting a bigger output with little or no input.

However, affiliate marketing / making money on the internet has many advantages compared to a standard business. You can begin with no start up costs, the work load is definitely a lot less, and since it is so flexible, it can be fitted around your everyday life.
Finally, all you need is a couple of hours in front of a computer for a few weeks and you can start implementing what you learnt.

But why do people think affiliate / internet marketing is so easy. Well, as I touched on before, I think it is due to the regular sales pitches you get that promise to make you $???,?? amount in just ? days. What the sales pitch fail to point out is that you need dedication, willpower and knowledge to be able to succeed.

This is the main reason why people fail at affiliate marketing and subsequently fail to earn money online. They are tricked and gain a false interpretation of what affiliate marketing is all about and then dive in and end up buying the first sales pitch they see which is nearly always, some get-rich-quick destined to fail.

So, if you want to avoid the crooks & scam artists, you must take your time and look for the right information and resources necessary for you to succeed. Also, add some sacrifice, persistence and willpower and you will be well on your way to success in the affiliate marketing industry.

The Key Factors Necessary to Succeed in the Internet, Affiliate Marketing Industry

The Key Factors Necessary to Succeed in the Internet, Affiliate Marketing Industry :
For a long time, I knew for a fact that many people had been making a killing from the internet and so when I finally decided to try my luck at internet marketing I was fully committed to breaking through the industry barriers that had been made and fortified by the gurus.

8 months down the line I had hit rock bottom after being scammed several times by various get rich quick schemes and after becoming a victim of identity fraud. What had hurt the most was throughout that period was that, I had only managed to bank $14.

So why am I telling you this? To inform you of the best possible method to earn money on the internet. Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing requires a very small investment to begin and once you begin to grow in knowledge and experience, you will be able to automate your internet revenue just like how 85% of my internet revenue is today.

In addition, Affiliate marketing surprisingly requires little knowledge to begin. You do not need a degree of any sort to be good at it and you do not even need to study. All you need is an internet connection and a couple of hours behind a computer screen and you could soon be on your way to true financial freedom. What I lacked when I first started affiliate marketing was the correct tools, the correct people to meet and the correct mindset to begin.

I lacked the correct tools because I went in “unarmed” and unprepared for the struggle that was laid in front of me. I lacked the correct mindset because I assumed that it would be easy and that I could skip corners and get away with it, and I came across the wrong people because I went to the gurus for help who almost always just directed me to purchase one or more of their products.

Once I was able to realize my mistakes and was able to locate the tools and resources necessary for me to build on, the money started pouring in and soon, $700 in one day was more of a regular sight that a surprise at all.

So my point, it is more than possible to start a internet business based on affiliate marketing but you must drop the common conception spread by the gurus that you will be able to make $xx,xxx by the end of the week without putting much effort in at all.

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